There is Still at Least One use for a Landline.

IMG_1453My Mom told me that the other day she couldn’t find her cell phone, so she used her land-line phone to call Auntie Verna.

Auntie V:  “Hello?”

Mom:  “Yeah, I can’t find my cell phone, so I was wondering if you could call me so I can hear it ringing?”

Auntie V:  “Which phone are you calling me from?”

Mom:  “The one in the kitchen…”

Auntie V:  “Why didn’t you just call your cell phone with that phone then, dumbass?”

Mom:  “Oh. I hadn’t even thought of that…”

After she told me the story, I shook my head and asked her, “Mom, do you sometimes even amaze yourself?”

Mom grinned and said, “Yeah.”



Unknown-1I just dropped my iPhone between the passenger seat and the console and I heard Siri (the iPhone operator) ask me how she could help.Me: “Oh dear God, Rea!! Pull the car over!! Siri’s gonna call people and tell them all my secrets!!”

Rea: “Sweetie…on a scale of 1 to 10, how drunk are you right now…?”

Me: “I’ve had enough micro-brews to tell me that I can’t trust that bitch Siri with any of my secrets!!”

Rea: “uh-huh, that’s what I thought.”