Seattle’s Latest Fashion Trends?

1392074_10151881445905862_1080678265_nApparently Macy’s is ready to make Seattle winter fashion a bit on the racy side…?  

One good thing about this new look:

If all women have to wear is a scarf to match their handbags, then perhaps Macy’s could accurately advertise this trend as “One size fits All”…

Unless of course someone had an extraordinarily large neck, which would make the scarf look more like a choker necklace.

…Or if they had extraordinarily large arms, which would make the handbag look more like an armpit with a wallet sticking out of it.

A bit of advice Macy’s:  It is always safer to go with the motto of “One size fits MOST” so as to offend the LEAST amount of people.

Rea:  Ok! That is really funny:)

Rosemary:  Maybe… They are advertising to people without arms and that also don’t like to wear clothes in one size fits most.

Whitney:  True. Even people with no arms need to keep their necks warm…

Rae:  Can’t stop laughing love it!

Amy:  I’m laughing so hard right now! Whitney, your perceptiveness continues to amuse and amaze me.

Melissa:  I feel my sales will go up w/the current fashion. I am on it doggon it!

Whitney:  You go girl!

Joshua:  I hope they come out with the necktie/sticky wallet combo for men soon!!!!

Margaret:  My boobs would get cold.