So Sweet of You to Notice.

Me:  “Jeez Rose! You didn’t even notice that I got my hair cut today.  What kind of a friend are you?!”

Rose:  “You didn’t notice that I got my hair cut AND colored today!”

Me:  “You did not.”

Rose:  “Yes I did too!”

Me:  “How much did they even cut off…?”

Rose:  “How much did they even cut off of yours??”

Me:  “A lot actually.  Like, I can make a faux-hawk again.”

Rose:  “Well…that really backfired on ya, didn’t it?”

Me:  “Yes I suppose it did.  Let’s try this again…Hey Rose!  Nice haircut!!  Did you get it colored too??”

Rose:  “Why yes, I did!  I like your haircut too!”

Me:  “Why, thank you!   So sweet of you to notice!”


Awesome Hair.

I was just getting my haircut at JC Penney, and there was a 10 year old boy getting his hair cut in the station next to me.  He had the shaggy summer look going, and his mom was trying to explain to the stylist how she wanted his hair to be cut and styled.  The boy’s Mom said, “I just want him to look more Asian, you know…?”

The boy looked at his mom in the mirror and said, “What does that mean?”

Kid’s Mom:  “Just a minute, I’m talking to this nice lady here…”

The kid was quiet for a second and then he looked kind of panicked:  “But Mom! What do you mean ‘look more Asian’.  What does that even mean??”

The kid’s mom and the hairstylist continued chatting and ignored him.  The kid sat back in his chair and shrugged his shoulders.

He made eye contact with me briefly and he said, “I guess it means that I’m going to look more awesome.”

I smiled at him and said, “That’s exactly what it means.”

He grinned:  “That’s what I thought!”