Honey Buckets.

IMG_0663Mom:  “Hello?”

Me:  “Hi Mom, how are you doing?”

Mom:  “I’m at the Muckleshoot Casino with Cousin Debbie for the Pow-Wow.  What’d you want?”

Me:  “Oh yeah?  Are you having a good time?”

Mom:  “Yeah, but right now I’m in a Honey Bucket.”

Me:  “Oh god Mom, why’d you answer your phone in a Honey Bucket?”

Mom:  “Well why wouldn’t I?”

Me:  “Cuz you could drop your phone in there for one thing…”

Mom:  (muffled)…”Oh No! Oh god…Oh SHIT!!”

Me:  “Mom are you okay?  Mom!!  What happened?”

Mom:   (still muffled)…”Just a second…I just dropped my phone…”

Me:  “Oh god that’s so nasty!!”

Mom:  (shuffle shuffle click) “K I’m back.  What were we talking about?”

Me:   (laughing) “Oh i was just saying that you shouldn’t answer your phone in a Honey Bucket because you could accidentally drop it in there…”

Mom cracked up:  “At least it was just on the floor.   I’ll clean it with a baby wipe.”

Me:   “Gross, Mom!  I think you should probably boil it for 45 minutes in Lysol before you put it near your face again.”

Mom:  “It’s by my face now.  It’s not like I’m going to lick it or something!”

Me:  “Well on that note…I’m just gonna let you go so you can focus on your Honey Bucket business.”

Mom:  “K bye.”

Me:   “Have fun at the Pow Wow and no more answering your phone in the Honey Bucket!”

Mom:  “K bye.”


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