Wii Fit and Candy.

963831_10151761807844788_1515427921_oHanna and Caleb have been begging me to set up my Mii so that I can play the Wii Fit with them, because I told them how it says, “Uh-Oh! You’re OBESE!!” in its sweet, sing-song voice, and then my Mii gets all bloated out and fat and looks so sad.

I told them that I’d set it all up, but that they’d have to leave the room when it was weighing me because I didn’t want to see the shock on their faces when the final number popped up. They agreed to the conditions, so I began to set up my Mii Character.

After every step of the setting up process I’d say, “Okay, you guys had better go now…” and Caleb would reassure me that it wasn’t to the weight part yet. It tests your balance, and records your height, etc. When the Wii Fit board told me to step on so that it could record my weight, Caleb shouted, “Run Hanna, RUN!!!” and they both tore out of the living room like someone was chasing after them with a chainsaw or something!

I couldn’t help but laugh at their dramatic exit as I braced myself for a verbal assault from the Wii Fit board. I was able to hide my weight and create a password so that no one could find it except me, and then I told the kids that they could come back in the room.

Caleb: “Did we miss it?!”

Me: “Miss what?”

Caleb: “The part where it says ‘you’re obese’ and all that?”

Me: “No, look…”

Sure enough, the Wii Fit board showed my little Mii character look so sad and defeated as it packed on a bunch of fat, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it had to taunt me with the sing-song announcement: “YOU’RE OBESE!!”

Caleb: “That seems kind of mean…”

Hanna: “Yeah, it really is so rude. Don’t listen to it, Whitney…”

Caleb: “Yeah…you’re really not as fat as the Wii Fit makes you look.”

Me: “Thanks, Caleb. It’s okay guys; I appreciate your pep talk, but I really do need to lose some weight and get healthier. I’m just glad that I’ve got you guys to be my workout buddies now!”

Caleb: “We’ll totally workout with you, right Hanna?”

Hanna: “Oh totally.”

Me: “I don’t really want to get too skinny though, because my chubbiness is part of my charm…”

Caleb: “You’ll just have to eat candy once in a while, that’s all.”

Candy and Wii Fit; it’s what summer is all about!  😉


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