Crystal Light Energy Drinks.

255683_10151581343225862_1687393322_nMe:  “I hate it when my body feels so tired, but my mind is racing, you know?”

Rea:   “I’m surprised that your Tylenol PM hasn’t kicked in yet. Didn’t you take it like an hour ago?”

Me:   “Yeah, but I guess it probably doesn’t help that I snorted that Crystal Light Energy stuff around the same time.”

Rea:   “Wait…Rewind…What did you just say?”

Me:  “I said that it probably didn’t help that I snorted that Crystal Light stuff…”

Rea:   “Yeah that’s what I thought you said…and may I ask; WHY exactly did you do that?”

Me:   “Well it was an accident. It’s not like I cut lines of it and snorted it through a rolled up dollar bill or something. I was mixing my water for tomorrow morning, and when I opened the packet I accidentally inhaled a bunch of the powder that came flying out!”

Rea:  “Oh okay. You could have just explained it that way in the first place.”

Me:  “I didn’t realize that I needed to begin every conversation with ‘Honey, remember I’m not a crackhead, but let me tell you about my day’…”

Rea:   “No, not every conversation. Just the ones where you tell me that you’re snorting Crystal Light Energy at 9pm.”

Me:  “Okay, I’ll try to remember that.”


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