IMG_0636Mom:   “There’s something wrong with my new TV. I got it plugged in and everything and it still won’t turn on!”

Rea checks the cables behind the TV and shakes her head:  “Margaret, can I show you a trick?”

Mom:  “Yeah?”

Rea holds up the cable:   “If I were to ask you which end of this cable plugs into the wall, what would you guess?”

Mom points at the outlet end of the cable.

Rea:  “That is absolutely correct.   So see, the problem that we have here is that you plugged the electric outlet side into the back of the TV, and the side that SHOULD be plugged into the back of the TV is just floating back here in mid air…”

Mom laughs her head off:  “Well I guess that’s why my TV won’t turn on huh?”

Rea:  “Yeah, it’s funny how much better electronics work when they’re getting a little electricity.”

Mom:   “It really does look like the plug should fit back there though, doesn’t it?”

Rea:   “Nope, not at all…”


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