Mountain Tuna.

We ate all of our meals at the Native American Longhouse (Mission Center) during our time in Omak, WA for Ashley’s service. The food was really great, and on the last night a few venison recipes were added to the dinner buffet line, according to custom.

Katee:  “What’s that?”

Trevor:   “A sandwich.”

Katee:   “Duh, I know it’s a sandwich, but what’s in it?”

Trevor:  “Mountain tuna.”

Katee:  “Huh?”

Trevor:  “It’s deer meat all ground up and mixed with mayonnaise like tuna.”

Katee:   “So why don’t you just call it a deer sandwich?”

Trevor:  “Cuz it’s Mountain Tuna.”

A native man who overheard their conversation offered Katee his sandwich, so she politely accepted it and took a huge bite.

Katee:   “Now that there is some damn good Mountain Tuna!”

Later I asked Katee if she liked the sandwich and she said, “No, it was really weird, but I had to eat it and act like it was all delicious since that man gave it to me.”

Me: “Well that was very nice of you.”

Katee: “I liked the deer jerky though. It was so chewy and…deer-y?”


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