Lady Gay-Gay.

It’s officially our last night in Portland, and Faith and Ari treated us to a fabulous home cooked meal.  It was definitely a much needed break from packing, and we had a great time with our wonderful friends!

The following is the conversation that I had with Rea as we were walking from our parking spot to Faith and Ari’s apartment:

Rea:  “I’m so excited to see Faith and Ari!  We haven’t seen them since we’ve gotten engaged.”

Me:  “I know, me too!!  Plus, we’re not just engaged…we’re engaged with a Y.”

Rea:  “Um…not sure I follow what you’re sayin’…”

Me:  “You know…like en-GAY-ged.  Engaged with a Y.”

Rea:  “That just doesn’t even make any sense.”

Me:  “You’re only jealous that you didn’t think of it first.”

Rea:  “Yeah. That must be it.”

Me:  “My dad thought that Lady Gaga was called Lady Gay-Gay.”

Rea:  “That was my nickname when I was growing up.”

Me:  “Lady Gay-Gay was your nickname?”

Rea:  “No, just Gay-Gay because my middle name is Gay.”

Me:  “Well that explains a lot, doesn’t it?”

Rea:  “My Mama always told me that she thought that Gay was such a perfect middle name for me because I’m such a happy girl, and she thinks it’s a shame that the kids at school had to make it seem dirty.”

Me:  “School kids sure get a bad wrap, don’t they? I mean, what did your Mom expect when she named you Gay?”

Rea:  “I guess she just thought that people would think that I was a happy kid.”

Me:  “Oh, you’re HAPPY all right!”

Rea:   “See? You just had to go and make it seem dirty!”


2 thoughts on “Lady Gay-Gay.

  1. My best friend’s middle name is Gay, also! Congrats on your en-GAY-gement! (I think it’s pretty clever, btw — and agree that Rea may be a tad jealous that she didn’t think of it! LOL!) 🙂

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