944533_10151714090650862_700685577_nStill trying to wrap my head around the events of this past week. My heart is broken for my beautiful niece, Kristie, Jeremy, Baby Tony, and the rest of the family who are all trying to pick up the pieces after the tragic loss of Kristie’s precious little sister, Ashley.  

Rea, Katee, Mom and I drove to Omak, WA for the service, and we all just wanted to hold Kristie in our arms and make the pain go away. If only it could be that easy. Please keep Kristie and her family in your prayers as God begins the healing process in their hearts.


156141_10151714952985862_1769186410_nAmidst the tragic events from this past week, I’ve gotta say that it did my heart good to see my brother’s kids, Katee and Jeremy, bonding with each other and working as a team.  Tony would be so proud!

Katee is such a precious girl and she just jumped up to help whenever and wherever she was needed.  Whether she was cuddling with Kristie (in the attached photo), helping Jeremy with Baby Tony, or providing comic relief when laughter was needed more than anything, Katee was a beacon of light during a time of great darkness and sorrow.

Unfortunately for me, Katee was determined to prove that if someone were to lick your elbow without you knowing it, you wouldn’t even feel it.  Therefore while I was talking to Rea one evening, Katee shouted, “HAHA I just licked your elbow…” and before I could say, “You did not…” I felt my elbow and shouted, “Oh god, GROSS!! My elbow is WET!!”

According to Katee, that was the most hilarious moment of her life.


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