The Fall of Civilization.

images-2To those of you whoare intelligent, and fortunate enough, to have made the decision NOT to watch the current season of “Real World: Portland“, please take a moment to hear from someone who was not so lucky.

The following is an explanation as to why American Society is crumbling beneath our feet at an alarming rate. You may be a little bit less intelligent (ie; dumber) after reading this, and for that I apologize:

1) The season finale documents a violent, and horrific fistfight between the “former Hooters Girl” and the girl who is writing a nonfiction book that teaches women how to marry rich celebrities.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that a weave was actually torn out of one of the girl’s heads and then thrown aggressively back at her face.  But don’t worry because the Weave-less Avenger took revenge by whacking Hooter’s Girl in the back of her head with a hair dryer, while the unexpected recipient was brushing her teeth.  This of course caused the Hooters Girl’s boyfriend to come to her defense, and when Weave-less Wonder accused him of having a tiny penis, Hooter’s Boyfriend continued the screaming match with his pants down to his ankles to prove that his manhood is at least of average size.

2) This fight was caused by a dog turd.


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