Angry LEGOS.

imagesHere are the top 3 things that I learned from the 10 o’clock news in Portland tonight:

1) Surveillance cameras caught an elderly man stealing almost $4,000 worth of wine (over several visits) from Safeway. When interviewing a local woman about the crime, her response was, “Stealing is wrong. It’s just plain wrong!”

2) Someone also thieved a red bandana off of the head of a statue that was located on the Portland Waterfront. Any information is appreciated by investigators. Rea and I considered calling the number to report seeing an old man walking along the waterfront, carrying a red bandana that was filled up with wine bottles and tied to the end of a stick…

3) The makers of LEGOS have made some concerning changes in their popular product. Parents should be aware that only a small percentage of LEGO figures are wearing smiles. The faces of the majority of LEGO people are looking angrier and they are carrying more weaponry.


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