Skagit Valley Bridge Collapse.

imagesApparently KOMO 4 News is reporting the bridge collapse in Mount Vernon/Burlington and managing to piss off the locals by referring to Mount Vernon as “a small town with nothing but a Home Depot and a Walmart to its name”.

First of all, the Home Depot is in Burlington, and secondly, when I was growing up in Sedro-Woolley, Mount Vernon was the shiznit!   I likened it to the “Seattle of Skagit Valley” because they had a Movie Theater and a Starbucks.  Plus, even closer was Burlington, and Burlington had a roller rink AND a MALL!

I saw that someone posted a comment that said, “Good thing they aren’t trying to describe Sedro-Woolley as an old logging town with an abandoned insane asylum.”   Now THAT would be offensive!

Very strange and surreal to see the Skagit Valley on National News.   I’m just so glad that everyone’s okay!


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