Walla Walla Wine Tasting.

IMG_0636Mom, Rea and I made the long drive from Seattle to Walla Walla this past weekend so that we could proudly attend my oldest niece, Claire’s, graduation from Whitman College.  We arrived on Saturday at around 5pm, so we decided to go wine tasting with my sister Stacey, brother-in-law Mike, and Claire.  Todd and Dana (my nephew and youngest niece) were supposed to arrive around 8pm, so we had a few hours to kill before dinner. 

Mom is a lightweight anyway, and since we hadn’t eaten dinner yet it only took her about two “tastes” before she was feelin’ no pain.  I heard Mike (who is a real wine connoisseur) remind her a few times that she should “sip slowly and savor” while she guzzled down taste after taste of red wine.  She’d practically slam her wine glass down as if it was an empty pint of beer and holler, “NEXT?!”

Mom:  “Can I taste your white wine?!”

Wine Pourer:  “Actually, we only make red wine at our vineyard.”

Mom:  “Oh okay, so you don’t have any white?”

Wine Pourer:  “I’m sorry, we don’t.”

Mom:  “How about sweet wine? Do you have any sweet wine?”

Wine Pourer:  “Actually, our wines have more of an earthy flavor with mildly sweet undertones.”

Mom:  “Okay, so no majorly sweet kinds…?  How about white?  I really prefer white wine…”

At one point we lost her because she’d wandered off to another table by herself because she had discovered that they had a couple of white wine choices.  When I found her she said to me, “Oh THERE you are Stacey.  I WANT THE REISLING!!”

Me:  “I’m Whitney actually, and is that your way of asking me nicely to purchase you a bottle of wine?”

Mom grinned and turned on her charm:  “Yes…please?”

When we stepped outside to start walking to Claire’s house, Claire said, “Grandma, I don’t know what happened but the more wine you tasted, the wilder your hair got!”

We all looked at Mom and laughed because she usually looked so pristine and proper, with not a single hair out of place, and after sipping on at least a dozen “tastes” of Walla Walla’s finest wine, she was red faced, loud, giddily happy, and her hair was just downright crazy.

Mom grinned and said, “That was some GOOD wine!”

Mike: “Which one was your favorite?”

Mom: “ALL of them!”

P.S. – We ran into a few of Claire’s friends while we were out and about, and it turns out that Claire has been reading some of my blogs to her friends all year, so Mom is totally famous from all of my “SH#* My Mom Says” posts!


4 thoughts on “Walla Walla Wine Tasting.

  1. haha yeah right! My Mom tolerates me making fun of her in my blog – I’m pretty sure that she would disown me if I put a picture on here that she didn’t approve of! (aka; I didn’t even think to take a picture of her when she had her wild hair or it would totally be on here!)

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