Cannon Beach.

IMG_0604IMG_0606Day 2 – Cannon Beach!

a)  At 7am I made Rea get up so that we could go hunt for sand dollars on the beach.

Me:  “Hey, I found a sand dollar!  Wait…there’s something wrong with this thing.  Does it look hairy to you?”

Rea picked up the sand dollar:  “Yeah, it does look hairy.  Weird!”

IMG_0583IMG_0618Me:  “Well I don’t want an ugly, hairy sand dollar.  Look there’s another one!  Never mind, it’s hairy looking too.  Jeez, there sure are a lot of hairy sand dollars around here.  Even the seagulls don’t want to peck their guts out.  It’s like they know that there’s something wrong with them.  Do you think it’s a sand dollar pandemic or something like, because of global warming?”

Rea:  “Maybe we should Google it.”

Oh the wonders of using Google on your iPhone at any given time.  Turns out that what looks like “hair” is actually the sand dollar’s millions of microscopic tentacles that work as their feet.  If these tentacles are still visible and if the sand dollar is purplish in color then that means that the sand dollar is still alive.

Me:  “Omg Rea…these sand dollars are ALIVE!  And we’ve been TOUCHING them!”

Rea:  “So?  It’s not like they’re going to attack us or anything.”

Me:  “Yeah, but still.  It’s gross.  Do you think we should try to save them or something?”

Rea:  “You can go ahead and give them mouth to mouth if you want to but I’m going to keep going on with my life as though they were all dead in the first place.”

b)  Apparently it was an unofficial “Bring Your Dog to Cannon Beach Day”.  We saw pretty much every breed of dog that you could think of, which gave Nash a fantastic variety of butt sniffs, and we got tons of compliments about what a sweet, polite and handsome dog Nashy is.  (Thankfully he didn’t pee on any humans, pets or sand castles while these compliments were being given.)  I’m not trying to brag or anything, but if Cannon Beach held a puppy Prom today, Nash would definitely have been crowned Prom Queen.  (Have I mentioned that Nash is gay?)

c)  Bacon Maple Saltwater Taffy, Seahorses and Leopard Print Birkenstocks.

d)  “That dumb car is actually taking the time to HONK at seagulls!  I mean, really?? Just speed up and the seagull problem will take care of itself!” – Rea

e)  “I’m not saying that you’re a bad driver.  I’m just saying that there is a reason that there are dead deer in people’s driveways.”

f)  Me:  “I don’t wanna go home!  Can’t we just live here?”  Rea:  “Once we become independently wealthy; yes.”  Me:  “Who can even afford to live here year long anyway?”  Rea:  “Apparently old ladies who work at Eddie Bauer who don’t know how to use a cash register, and teenagers who work at McDonald’s who don’t know that when customers order a #4 it means that yes, they DO want that in a combo meal.”


One thought on “Cannon Beach.

  1. Looks like fun! Well, fun if you define it as, “Let’s go fondle some live sand dollars” — I’m with you, EEEW!

    That dog is flipping adorable.

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