Banana Split Blizzard.

Rea and I were driving back to Portland from Seattle yesterday, and we decided that we deserved a DQ Blizzard as a reward for being so good on our diets for the past couple of weeks – (insert irony here).

We stopped at the halfway point in Centralia, WA to fill the gas tank and use the bathroom, and then we went through the Dairy Queen drive-thru before getting back on the freeway.  I ordered a Banana Split Blizzard, and Rea got one of the chocolatey kinds.

The car went totally silent as we enjoyed our frozen treats.  About two bites in, I realized that there was something wrong, so of course I complained to Rea about it.

Me:  “There is no chocolate syrup in this.”

Rea:  “Is it supposed to have chocolate syrup?”

Me:  “Does a banana split have chocolate syrup?”

Rea:  “Yeah…”

Me:  “So yes.”

Rea:  “Pardon me!”

Me:  “Plus I just found a piece of coconut!  There’s not supposed to be coconut in here.  This must be the Hawaiian Blizzard!”

Rea:  “Oh no!  This is a disaster!  Do we need to turn around?”

Me:  “First of all, I don’t appreciate your sarcasm.  Don’t forget about the Zesty Sauce story…”

Rea raised her eyebrows and shook her head in fear:  “Not the Zesty Sauce!”

Me:  “And second of all, it’s still ice cream and it’s still delicious.  I was just making a point.”

Rea:  “Point taken.  Well I watched them put like three-quarters of a banana in the blender, so at least it has banana in it.”

Me:  “Yep, it has banana.  Oh and a nut!  I just found a nut in it too!”

Rea:  “Let me guess…there’s not supposed to be nuts in it either?”

Me:  “No, there’s not supposed to be nuts, but it was a pecan and it tasted pretty good.  I swear, they must not have had a clue what the hell goes into a Banana Split Blizzard, so they just put a scoop of everything in it or something…”

Me:  “Except the chocolate syrup.”

Rea:  “Yes.  The chocolate syrup is severely lacking.”

We went back to chowing down our Blizzards when I got something unidentifiable in my mouth.  I took it out to look at it.

Me:  “Rea?  What does this look like to you…?”

Rea:  “Umm…I’m not sure…?”

Me:  “Oh god, I think it’s a banana peel!”

Rea:  “Yup, that’s a piece of a banana peel all right.”

Me:  “What in the world is happening?!  Is this God trying to punish me for cheating on my diet or something?”

Rea:  “Well I don’t know.  Are you going to stop eating it now?”

I thought about it for a second:  “Nah.  It’d have to be at least a human finger before I stopped eating it.  Actually, even then I may just throw the finger out the window and then try to eat around it.”

Rea:  “Now that’s love right there.”

Me:  “You know it!”


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