Good Intentions Squandered.

I found some sugar-free pancake mix at Fred Meyer the other day, and since Rea and I have been trying to be diligent on our low carb diets, I purchased a box so that we could try it out.  This is what happened:

Me (yesterday morning):  “Oh man, what I wouldn’t give for some blueberry pancakes!”

Rea:  “Hey, didn’t you get some low carb pancake mix?”

Me:  “Oh yeah!”

Rea:  “And I’m pretty sure that we have some blueberries in the freezer…”

Me:  “Holy Crap!  Best day EVER!”

Rea:  “I will whip some pancakes together if you will go get us some coffee at Starbucks.”

Me:  “Good plan.”

When I got back from Starbucks, the aroma of delicious blueberry pancakes filled my senses.  I even closed my eyes to savor the moment, until I heard Rea cussing in the kitchen.

Me:  “What’s wrong?”

Rea:  “Those damned blueberries are too heavy and are making it almost impossible to flip the pancakes!  I’ve burned three of them already!”

Me:  “Maybe they’re not burned.  Maybe they just look burned because of the blue from the blueberries…?”

Rea:  “There’s blue and then there’s BLACK.”

Me:  “Too bad they’re not BLACKberry pancakes huh?”

I could tell that Rea was not in the mood for my terrible jokes, so I read her expression and quickly obeyed by shutting my pie-hole.

After a few failed attempts, Rea was able to get some very thin, but still rather glorious looking blueberry pancakes onto our plates.

I took my first bite.

Rea:  “How are they?”

Me:  “They’re…ummm…well…?”

Rea took a bite:  “Ohmygod these are TERRIBLE!”

Me:  “Yeah, there is a serious need for butter and syrup.”

Rea:  “Yeah, I mean let’s face it, aren’t pancakes merely a vessel for syrup?”

Me:  “Yes, I guess they are.”

Rea:  “I think we might have some syrup in the cupboard.”

Me:  “Thank God!”

We then proceeded to drench our “sugar-free” pancakes with enough syrup to put us into a diabetic coma.

Rea:  “That’s BETTER!”

Me:  “I’ll say!”

Rea:  “I guess this defeats the purpose of making sugar-free pancakes huh?”

Me:  “Yep, pretty much.”

Rea:  “They’re better, but it still seems like they need something…”

Me:  “How about some Whipped Cream!”

Rea:  “YES!!”


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