Swimming Pool.

As we were driving into our apartment complex, I noticed that the swimming pool was uncovered and that there were even lawn chairs set up around it.

Me: “It looks like the pool is open already.”

Rea: “Yeah it does look open, but where is the door to get into it? I don’t see a gate anywhere, do you?”

Me: “I don’t know where the door to it is either.”

Rea: “I guess folks will just have to climb the fence to get in…”

Me: “Yeah, I guess so. Well I guess I’ll never get to swim in that pool cuz I’m too fat to climb over that fence.”

Rea: “You’d think they’d just go ahead and make a sign that says ‘If you’re too fat to climb the fence then you’re too fat to swim in our pool’.

Me: “That’s discrimination! We should sue.”


2 thoughts on “Swimming Pool.

  1. First of all, you certainly don’t look “too fat” to climb any fences. Second of all, that rule should also apply to people who want to sit in booths, but really, really should sit at a table. LOL.

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