Radio Shack.

I noticed a Radio Shack store in a strip mall near our apartment this afternoon, and I said, “I thought Radio Shack went out of business…?”

Rea: “Nope, Radio Shack is alive and well.”

Me: “I just don’t see how they don’t go out of business. Who even shops there anymore?”

Rea: “Men. They sell remote controlled cars to grown-ass men.”


4 thoughts on “Radio Shack.

  1. Batteries and cell phones. Enercell are much much better than Duracell and Energizer and last longer and they do typically have some of the best prices on contract phones. RS and Best Buy will typically switch sales on devices back and forth. Other than that, people go in there looking for people who -typically- know what they are talking about. Most can explain to you the actual technology that goes into that TV or GPS or cell phone due to the training courses. Whereas BB, Walmart, Target, etc employees can tell you, it’s bigger, or shinier, or thinner. No I’m not a RS fan, I just used to work there for a few years (2007-2011) so speaking from experience. The way the company treats their employees is shitty though.

    But yes, from November to January they do carry a few RC cars.

  2. Rea is a smart woman. She is 100% correct. She really has her hand on the pulse of the American male. She ought to go into marketing.

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