Doritos Loco

UnknownI’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but Taco Bell has actually scientifically metamorphosed Doritos into a TACO SHELL! And not merely the nacho flavored Doritos either, OH NO; consumers may also enjoy a taco shell that is COOL RANCH flavored as well! You can even “collect all 2” flavors if you wish to have your mind completely blown.

With all of the hoopla in the media about gay marriage and all, I feel that Taco Bell has not received the accolades that it rightly deserves. So if you will please join me in a moment of silence in appreciation of the culinary masterpiece that is: DORITOS LOCO!!

Not since the invention of Deep-Fried Twinkies or Double Stuffed Oreos has America given us Chubby Folk something as remarkable to fantasize about while we are trying to choke down our portion-controlled meals.

So I say, “Thank You, America” and “Gracias mi amigo de Taco Bell”!


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