The Blue Slurpee.

UnknownRea and I went to see a movie the other day, mostly because we really wanted some delicious, buttery, movie theater popcorn. While we were standing in line to pay for our popcorn and soda, I noticed that the little boy in front of us was sipping on a giant, blue Slurpee, and I could not help but to say aloud, “Oh my god, Rea…Look at that Slurpee! Doesn’t it look so delicious?” Rea was busy grabbing napkins and straws, so she just giggled in response to my enthusiasm. When I looked back at the little boy, he was staring back at me with wide eyes, and he had slowly pushed his Slurpee down the counter until it was completely and safely hidden behind his dad. That poor little buddy was terrified that I was going to steal his Slurpee from him. Now if that doesn’t make you feel like a Fatty, I’m not sure what will…


4 thoughts on “The Blue Slurpee.

  1. You should have given him a good “oink”. That would have been hysterical. I would have, but you’re way nicer than me!

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