Happy Easter!

547419_10200813115790698_1597895699_nRea and I just called Mom to wish her a Happy Easter and to sing her Keith Green’s “Easter Song”.

Mom sang along with us loudly through the entire song, completely off key, and I couldn’t even sing because I was cracking up so bad.

At the end of the song Mom said, “I had a mouthful of food that whole time!” and then she flushed the toilet.

Me: “Mom, were you just eating, singing and going to the bathroom at the same time?”

Mom: “Yes, but only during the chorus. Before that I was walking across the parking lot.”

So apparently my family, the entire park, and anyone in the women’s public restroom heard the loudly off-key, mouthful of food version of the “Easter Song” as well.

Happy Easter everyone!


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