April Fools!

imagesI was watching the first episode of “The Bible” tonight and was completely transfixed. The part where God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, after poor Abraham and Sarah had been waiting for that little kid to be conceived like, pretty much forever…oh man, even though I know how that story ends, I still found myself on the edge of my seat.Isaac: “So um…Dad? You said that we’re going to sacrifice something and we’ve got the wood and the matches and the dagger but…where’s the goat or lamb or whatever?”

Abraham: “Just trust in God son.”

Isaac: “Okay but um…Dad? What exactly are we trusting God for? And um…why are you tying me up and crying or whatever…?”

Abraham: “Just keep trusting in God son…”

Isaac: “Okay Dad but seriously…I’m starting to get a little bit concerned here because you’re all sweaty and your eyes are all shifty and you kinda look like you’re about ready to plunge a dagger into my heart…?”

Abraham raises the dagger above his head.

God: “Abraham. Stop!”


Abraham: “April Fools, Son!”

Isaac: “Not cool, Dad! Seriously, that was not cool at all!”

Abraham: “Don’t blame me, it was God’s idea…”

Isaac: “Well you’d better tell God that He owes me a new pair of shorts.”


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