Rainbow Connection.

UnknownRea and I were trying to come up with clever Pro Gay Marriage slogans this afternoon:

Rea: “Rainbows are for Everyone.”

Me: “Rainbows – God’s promise that He no longer hates us.”

Rea: “You may get struck by lightning for that one…”

Me: “Yeah, I guess that one wouldn’t go over as well to the general public.”

Rea: “How about, ‘Rainbows – Aren’t they pretty and not threatening in any way’…?”

Me: “Rainbows – The Unicorn’s Equivalent to Peeing in a Public Swimming Pool”

Rea: “Wait…What?”

Me: “You know how parents threaten kids that the water will turn blue if they pee in the pool…”

Rea: “Yeah, it can’t be something that you have to think that hard about.”

I’m not expecting to be hired as a political slogan writer anytime soon.


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