Jumping Jack.

images-1I twisted my knee pretty good last week when I was playing tennis, and I’ve basically been going through life with a gimp leg ever since.  Tonight I realized that it’s really starting to feel better, so I said to Rea:

Me:  “My knee feels so much better!  I bet I could actually do a jumping jack!”

Rea:  “A jumping jack?”

Me:  “Yeah.”

Rea:  “As in singular; one jumping jack.”

Me:  “Well yeah, of course just one!  I’m not trying to break a world record or anything, I’m just proving a point that I think that my knee is getting better.”

Rea:  “Now, don’t go getting all crazy doing ONE jumping jack.  You don’t want to go and injure yourself again…”

Me:  “Do I sense a bit of sarcasm from the peanut gallery…?”

Rea:  “I’m just sayin’…  Be careful, that’s all!”

Me:  “You’re asking for a whooping right about now.”

Rea:  “Take it easy now…you’re most likely going to be exhausted after your ONE jumping jack so maybe we should schedule the whooping for next week?”


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