imagesRea and I were in a thrift shop in the Hawthorne area of Portland today, and we definitely felt like we were stand-ins in an episode of “Portlandia”. The following is an example of why Rea and I do not exactly fit in, in the trendiest areas of Portland:

Rea held up a bright colored, men’s V-neck t-shirt: “Whit look! This is so totally a shirt that Sean would wear…”

Me: “Oh yeah, it totally is! He really just shouldn’t ever wear shirts, or clothing at all for that matter. If I was that fine, I’d just have to be naked all the time!”

Rea: “Ummm…did I just reference “The Bachelor” in real life…?”

Me: “Yes. We both did, actually.”

Rea: “That is really unfortunate.”


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