Pearl, Mississippi.

After dinner at Cracker Barrel (where they ran out of chicken and dumplings) we headed to Rea’s parents house in Pearl, Mississippi, where we stayed for a few days…


Aren’t they adorable??

Here are a few highlights:

I was introduced today as “Winfrey”. That was a first.

“Have you ever shaved both of your legs and then realized that you hadn’t taken the cap off of the razor?” – Midnight Mississippi conversations.

“AHHHHHHHHHH-CHUH!!” Apparently even sneezes have an accent in the South.

There is a Clearance Sale at the Dollar Store in Pearl, Mississippi, and you can purchase an ice cold 20oz bottle of Budweiser at the corner store for 99 cents. Gotta love a place where you can have a night out on the town with whatever you find under your couch cushions!

You know that you’re sitting at the breakfast table with a Southern Baptist family when you hear one funny water baptism story after another. I was trying to remember a story so that I could add something to the conversation, but as a recovering Pentecostal, the only story that came to mind was when a guy at my church got filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues, and it sounded just like he was saying super-cali-fradga-listic-expi-alli-dotious in Pig Latin.

Of course, the whole reason for our trip was to attend Rea’s niece’s wedding:


Stinkin’ adorable!


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