Touchdown in Memphis and the weather is beautiful! We’re fixin’ to fill our bellies with BBQ on Beale Street. January 31 near Memphis, TN via mobile



(Photo explanations going clockwise from the top)

I was totally impressed that you could just buy a “Big Ass Beer” and walk around with it!  Unfortunately I was too full of ribs to actually partake of a big ass beer.  Bummer!

No explanation should be needed for the onesie, because there really isn’t anything funnier than a tourist shirt that mentions poop.  Am I right or am I right?

I’m right.

When we were looking around one of the tourist shops, Rea held up this photo and said, “Now THAT’S some SERIOUS Cash!”  It cracked me up.

You probably had to be there…

It turned out that we’d arrived in Memphis during the Blues Festival, and it was just getting started.  We met a really sweet man who was singing the blues to an audience of 2; that would be Rea and I.

We were having a blast already and our adventure to the South had only just begun…


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