Mardi Gras.

IMG_0355I told my mom that Rea and I would really love to take her with us to New Orleans next year for Mardi Gras, and I had her on speaker phone so that we could both hear her reaction:

Mom:  “ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?!  I would LOVE to go to Mardi Gras!!”

Me:  “Yes, we’re serious!”

Rea laughed:  “All we ask is that you just don’t show your boobs, okay?”

Mom:  “Oh, I don’t do that anymore.  I’m taking probiotics now and I’m cured.”


Me:  “Ummm…Mom…?  What do probiotics have to do with showing your boobs at Mardi Gras…?”

Mom:  “OHHHHH, you said ‘don’t show your boobs’ and I thought you said ‘don’t poop your pants’…”

We all cracked up.

Me:  “Yeah, well…try not to do that either.”


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