What Day is it Again?

I just got off of the phone with my mom, and our conversation went something like this:

Me:  “Hi Mom.”

Mom:  “Hi, where are you?”

Me:  “At work.”

Mom:  “In Portland?”

Me:  “Yep, that’s where I work…”

Mom:  “But I’ve got dinner ready for you and Rea…aren’t you going to be here tonight?”

Me:  “No, I’m at work with Joe and Dot.  We’re driving out tomorrow.”

Mom:  “So you’re going to miss Thanksgiving again this year??”

Me:  “Mom, Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday.”

Mom:  “Yeah, tomorrow.”

Me:  “Tomorrow’s Wednesday.”

Mom:  “Wait…What’s today?”

Me:  “Today would be Tuesday.”

Mom:  “So tomorrow isn’t Thanksgiving?”

Me:  “No.”

Mom:  “Well shit, I just cleaned the house and have dinner waiting and everything!”

Me:  “Well, sorry to disappoint you…”

Mom:  “I guess I can start eating now.”

Me:  “Mom, it’s 7:00pm, how long have you been waiting for us so that you could start eating?”

Mom:  “I don’t know, like 3 hours?”

Me:  “Oh jeez, Mom.  You know I always call you when I leave Portland so you’ll have an idea of when we’ll be there!”

Mom:  “Yeah, I know.  I was wondering why you hadn’t called yet…”

Me:  “I didn’t call because we never left!”

Mom:  “Oh, okay.   I’m going to go eat now.  Bye.”

Me:  “I love you…”

Mom:  “I-love-you-too-bye.”  (All one word.)


6 thoughts on “What Day is it Again?

  1. That is hysterical. What you will be having for Thanksgiving, though? Today’s meal reheated? Or maybe just soup and grilled cheese? Or will she make the whole thing again? I wouldn’t. LOL!

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